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We are a reputable pet shop Singapore, making us stand out from our competitors. We opened our store in Bedok in 1981. By 1985, we moved to a more strategic location in the Tampines area. Through the years, we have been offering high quality live pets, pet food, and pet accessories to pet owners, veterinarians, and animal lovers.

Our pet center employs workers who have expert knowledge when it comes to pets. Whether these pets fly or swim, we can provide answers to your queries. We have friendly employees who are more than happy to share their expertise with you. They will help you choose the pet that is perfect for you, especially if you have not yet decided on what you want to bring home.

If you want fishes as pets but do not have any knowledge about them, then there’s no need to worry. Our sales personnel will walk you through every tank. They will explain the characteristics of the different species. You will also be able to avoid mismatching or mixing fishes that aren’t supposed to be kept in the same tanks.

As well, our pretty birds will delight your eyes. Whatever species you want, we have them. Small and big, talking birds, love birds–we have them. If you want sweet chirping but can’t tolerate loud noises, then we will advise you on which bird to choose.

We maintain wide selections of pet food and pet accessories that will also help keep your pets in good and healthy condition. We will suggest what is best for your pets, depending on your budget.

Should you have any problem with the accessories you purchased from our store, we will address them promptly. If you are nearby, we can easily provide help with concerns about your pets for free. We also accept home calls. You will be charged reasonably for the transportation expenses, but not a cent more.

There are many pet shops in Singapore that are here today and closed tomorrow. But through the years, we at K & K Aquarium and Birds Center have maintained our successful and continuous operation. We have earned a good reputation among our clients because of our expertise in the pet industry. But more importantly, our personalized services speak well of our goodwill.

One of the good things about doing business in our store is that you are able to see and inspect our products. This will help you decide which ones to take home with you. You can also easily assess if our animals are healthy or have diseases. You can’t do that just by looking at pictures and videos. Thus, one of our advantages versus online shops is that you can directly assess the quality of our products. No need to worry about the products delivered to you not being the same as the one you ordered, based on the online brochures and catalogues. There will also be no worry about the products not being delivered at all. More importantly, you can be sure of our integrity. We do not carry products that are prohibited or banned in Singapore. We do our business seriously and legitimately.

The best you can expect from us are high quality and personalized service. We have capable and alert sales assistants. They would help load your purchases to your cars. This kind of service is not provided online. Visit us today!

Address: 201D Tampines Street 21, Singapore 524201
Contact Number: 6784 4578

Monday to Sunday

11AM - 9:30PM